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RockerBaby was founded in 2006 by Nikki Heldt, an experienced dancer, choreographer singer and fashionista. Uniting the combined acting, singing and dancing talents of Madeline Bowden, Cindy Meskell and Estelle Moore, all NW based performers, sharing the same values and having become firm friends, Nikki knew she'd found the perfect mix for a girl band ... RockerBaby was born.

Many TV appearances have followed - BBC, Channel 4 and T4 - RockerBaby won Channel 4's best unsigned pop act with their distinctive blend of techno, R & B pop music. They enjoyed early success with producer Matt Riley's Bodyrock and later Nick Hussey, of Hacienda fame, who encouraged the band to perform club mixes, played across Ibiza. This led to UK festival appearances with Westlife, Shayne Ward, Mutya Buena and Chico! Channel M also documented 'A Day In The Life of RockerBaby', combined with a Miss Manchester stage appearance. In 2007 Lipsy UK chose RockerBaby to launch their Rock chick clothing range, combining fashion with gutsy vocals and sexy style!

2008 brought a change of direction, as working with Jon Moon @ Sensible Music led to a grittier punk rock and roll sound, showcasing the girls harder edge, vocally and visually. The band's first love is live performance and gigging with the fantastic Kid Champion has underlined this. Currently recording some self-penned tracks, RockerBaby hope to 'make some noise' in 2009.

RockerBaby RockerBaby
RockerBaby RockerBaby RockerBaby

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