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Crocodile Joe

Crocodile Joe is a conservationist in need of your help. Joe picked up the nickname 'Crocodile Joe' after working with crocodiles in Australia.

He's concerned about preserving the natural world, or at least trying to avoid any rapid negative changes to this delicately balanced planet we all live on.

Awareness is key, so try to make adults and children more aware of the natural world we live in, make them conscious of changes, which just might erode and destroy the precious natural environment we are all so dependent upon.

Crocodile Joe's 'companions' include a priceless 4.5 metre (14 feet) long saltwater crocodile named 'Spartacus'. Tragically 'Spartacus' died as the result of eating many plastic bags during his long 80 or 90 year life, mistaking them for jellyfish. Human awareness is crucial.

It's not everyday you get the opportunity to go face to face with one of the world's most feared apex predators, or look into the eyes of a living day dinosaur .... Crocodile Joe will help you do just that ....

TV/radio appearances, educational tours - Crocodile Joe will bring the outback to you. Engage in 'alternative' bush tucker trials ... if you dare!

Crocodile Joe
Crocodile Joe
Crocodile Joe
Crocodile Joe Crocodile Joe Crocodile JOe Mary HD

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